Meet Our Hotel Leadership Team

Our hotel’s professional staff will provide you with the undivided attention you deserve. We pride ourselves on ensuring only the most comfortable and enjoyable stay for our hotel guests. Our friendly staff will always try to accommodate special requests to personalize your stay.


Deb Johnson, General Manager

Deb guides the team at the Copperleaf. She encourages all team members to indulge each guest with personalized service to ensure their experience is unique and memorable.

One of our most successful marketing tools is the positive experiences our guests share with their family, friends and business associates. Each guest is important and we want their stay to be special.

My favorite part of working at the Copperleaf Hotel:
“We have such a beautiful property. I am always delighted when we surprise our guests with accommodations that are beyond their expectations. Our warm, inviting and unique atmosphere allows us to interact with our guests. I am extremely proud of our hotel and the entire hotel team. We look forward to earning your loyalty.”


Jackie Kroll, Assistant General Manager

Jackie does everything from purchasing little items guests forget to planning exciting corporate events. She manages a staff of 30 employees and goes the extra mile to make sure they are appreciated by motivating them with fun meetings and remembering their birthdays.

She makes the same effort for our hotel guests. Both Jackie and Deb are very hands on. This makes working at the Copperleaf Hotel fun and lets the guests know that they are willing to pitch in wherever needed.

My favorite part of working at the Copperleaf Hotel:
“We go to great lengths to make our guests feel at home. One of my favorite amenities is the toothbrush holder. When traveling, I usually keep my toothbrush in a Ziploc bag. At the CopperLeaf, you can stand it up in a toothbrush holder just like at home. I love being a part of the selection of those special touches.”


Monica Wittman, Group Coordinator

Monica is the go-to-girl for all your group room needs. Her responsibilities range from helping brides coordinate the details for their out-of-town guests to making sure all business groups run smoothly. Your guests or participants will fondly recall a group event at the CopperLeaf Hotel, and you will appreciate the convenience and ease of working with Monica.

My favorite part of working at the Copperleaf Hotel:
“We want your event to be a huge success. I monitor the planning of each group event to ensure outstanding communication and execution at every phase.”


Camille Monday, Executive Housekeeper

Camille checks the rooms daily before guests check into the hotel and attends to guests needs. She coordinates a team of 14 people, does the inventory, orders supplies, and creates the budget for housekeeping. She is a great listener, teacher, and friend to the hotel staff.

My favorite part of working at the Copperleaf Hotel:
“I have high standards when it comes to clean hotel rooms, and I hold my staff to those standards. We often exceed even the pickiest guest’s expectations when it comes to a clean hotel room.”


Joe Williamson, Director of Sales

Joe works very closely with Monica and Jackie in developing and maintaining relationships with our valued customers. Whether planning an important corporate event, arranging for a block of guest rooms and suites, or making special arrangements for an important visitor, Joe will make sure a memorable experience is in store. Once a guest walks through our doors, we do all we can to assure they remain a guest forever!

My favorite part of working at the Copperleaf Hotel:
“I take great pleasure in touring the beautiful Copperleaf Hotel to perspective guests. They are impressed as I point out the subtle, luxurious extras, usually found at only the finest hotels in larger cities.”