A Guests Story: The Perfect Surprise

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As fulfilling and wonderful as relationships are, each one has it’s fair share of hard times. My fiance and I have been together for about five years now. The last 12 months have been a series of unfortunate events that has had us on a never-ending roller coaster that we hope to slow in the near future. We were scheduled to be married on April 27th, 2016, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we were forced to postpone our plans. As our date approached, my fiance became increasingly frustrated about our situation to the point where I became desperate to make her happy in any way fathomable. That’s when I looked to CopperLeaf Boutique Hotel & Spa.

CopperLeaf is a boutique hotel that has seemingly everything I could possibly need to give my fiance the weekend escape of her dreams. With the extensive features and options of the hotel, my planning soon began. I called the staff at the CopperLeaf and meticulously explained my situation. They suggested a package they offer called the “Ultimate Indulgence” package. This beautiful package included one night stay in a room with a fireplace and a whirlpool tub, Aveda products and even complimentary Starbucks coffee (all of my fiance’s favorites). The package also included a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates and a couples massage at their on-site spa, Spa BenMarNico’s (again, just a few more of her favorite things). The package was an absolutely perfect find that I knew would cause my fiance to swoon.

My fiance had no idea of our Friday night excursion, so when I relayed to her the message on Friday morning that she needed to come straight home from work because we had plans, she became quite anxious. She arrived home from work to promptly packed bags and straight out the door we went. Her face lit up with excitement as we pulled up to the CopperLeaf only to park and turn off the car rather than drive by. To see my fiance’s astonishment was a wonderful thing!

Her night of being surprised was only beginning. As we got into our room, we saw a bottle of wine and the aforementioned chocolates waiting by the whirlpool. She thought for sure I had overdone myself. She had no idea that instead of walking downstairs to check out College Avenue, we were actually heading to a scheduled one-hour, couples massage. I thought she may cry when we strolled into the spa for our treatment.

We topped the night off with an extravagant dinner, and the ultimate indulgence as we ate every chocolate in the box whilst watching our favorite movies from the comfort of the whirlpool.

Overall, my surprise adventure to CopperLeaf was an ABSOLUTE hit! Thank you to the staff at the CopperLeaf hotel for helping me plan and execute this much-needed, much-appreciated surprise for my fiance. We HIGHLY recommend a stay at the CopperLeaf for anyone looking for a nice, romantic and relaxing weekend escape.

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