Hotel Amenities

When you stay at our Appleton hotel you have access to the following amenities:

  • Wireless High-Speed Internet Access*
  • Concierge Services*
  • Indoor Whirlpool*
  • Fitness Center*
  • In-room Yoga Mats
  • Slippers are available*
  • Business Kiosk*
  • Airport Shuttle Service*
  • Aveda Amenities*
  • In-room Starbucks Coffee*
  • Pet Friendly¬†Pet Policies 9-18-19
  • Covered Parking (Fees apply)
  • Hotel Delivery Service (Not available on Sundays)
  • Lobby Bar (Mon.-Sat.)
  • On-site Spa: BenMarNicos
  • Adjacent Restaurant: RYE Restaurant

* Complimentary with your stay

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